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2022 Developer Perspectives on Application Security

Most developers involved in product builds believe their companies to have a mature security posture but nonetheless struggle to keep up to date with growing regulations and compliance requirements. On the cybersecurity front, developers view automated modeling, integration with other tools, and matching the speed of new threats that emerge as all highly important. Security must start with design and remain a critical element at each stage of the SDLC.

2022 Developer Perspectives on Application Security: An interactive e-book publication

Security Compass commissioned Golfdale Consulting to conduct original research into current software developer views, including the challenges and opportunities they face in their secure development efforts. Specifically, it provides “deep dives” into issues of security maturity, threats, release states, gatekeeping, requirements, tools, resources, and training.

Companies that want to attract and support developers in their efforts to build cyber-resilient software need to look to integrated cybersecurity software that provides just-in-time training (JITT) and guidelines for their software developers and automated cybersecurity software for accomplishing these goals.

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