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Thought leadership and advocacy for exceptional brands: Golfdale Consulting provides research and market insights, analytics strategies, executive advisory and advocacy.

Featured in Top Market Research Companies

Golfdale Consulting combines in-depth research with advanced multivariate statistical analyses to create compelling data narratives that reinforce our clients’ Thought Authority positioning. Primary and secondary research informs our creation of evidence based White Papers, eBooks, Infographics and Dashboards. Working with senior executives, our hands-on work includes both Decision Sciences (Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence) and Behavioral Economics practices. We help execute talent strategies, analytics tools assessment, and advanced data modeling for enterprises. From Scale-ups to Fortune 100 companies, this work culminates in the development of go to market approaches, product development, public affairs management, Board planning, marketing and sales presentations, and public engagements. We are also hands-on public lobbying representatives, advocating for evidence based regulatory reform that increases consumer participation in key public markets.

The company featuring us has some interesting trends and insights on ecommerce and on webdesign.


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