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Regional Grocery: New Digital Pathways to Convenience, Value and Margin Growth

To understand the grocery e-commerce choices ahead, over 50,000 U.S. regional grocery shoppers and 2,000 general U.S. consumers were surveyed.

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Grocery shopping habits have been shifting slowly, but make no mistake, they are shifting. Guiding these changes are considerable investments in digital grocery offerings. Successful regional grocers are paying close attention to shopper needs in order to navigate what lies in the immediate road ahead.

Our findings make the case for strategic, deliberate adoption of eCommerce, and caution against pitfalls in the new era of digital grocery. To map out the road to success, we looked at three levels of change: a store-level view with an eye on what’s happening at the front lines, an organization level view of changing shopper demand and habits, and finally the macro landscape where we explore how societal changes are driving new shopping behaviors.

This Mercatus commissioned white paper provides practical guidance for regional grocers on how to get in front of eCommerce and meet changes in consumer habits.

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