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2023 Ontario Economic Report – Interactive

The OCC’s 7th annual Ontario Economic Report (OER) offers unique insights into the perspectives and experiences of businesses across Ontario. The report is driven by data from our Business Confidence Survey, conducted by Golfdale Consulting, and regional economic forecasts.

The 2023 OER reveals the effects of prolonged economic uncertainty and a shifting business landscape. Labour shortages, inflation, and forecasts of an economic slowdown are dampening confidence in Ontario’s outlook. Still, most businesses feel confident they can withstand the headwinds and continue to grow in the year ahead.

Ontario Chamber of Commerce – 2022 ONTARIO ECONOMIC REPORT – Interactive

Key Highlight:
Business confidence increased in 2021 from a record low last year, amid progress on vaccinations and reopening. Overall, 29 percent of Ontario businesses are confident in Ontario’s economic outlook and 57 percent are confident in the outlook of their own organizations.
More pessimism is observed in smaller businesses, those located in border regions, organizations led by women and people with disabilities, and businesses in the arts, entertainment, and agricultural sectors.

2021 Ontario Economic Report

Golfdale Consulting conducted 3 waves of surveys in the Fall of 2019 covering 134 local chambers of commerce/boards of trade. For the first time ever, the findings are captured in an interactive report that allows readers to see both overall results of the 2800+ businesses surveyed, along with regional, sector, and business size breakouts.