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Cookie Consent and Privacy: Can it Bolster Brand Trust? (Part 2)

In Part 1 of our Cookie Consent and Privacy blog series, we explored the industries with a history of consent and the lessons learned from their implementation. We proposed the hypothesis: specific industries that existed well in advance of the hyper digitalized world we live in today are well-practiced at working through consent issues. We hope you enjoy Part 2 of this series, where we analyze the connections between cookie consent, brand trust, and revenue. In Part 3, we further explore and provide examples of informed consent.

Security Compass – The 2021 State of DevSecOps Report

There is a rising trend toward the adoption of DevSecOps over the last year. When asked about the biggest driver of DevSecOps adoption, we found a high degree of unanimity for improving security, quality, and resilience as their top priority. Bringing technology to market faster was the second most important driver, reducing organizational silos third, with cost reduction the least important. This report reveals how perceptions toward security and compliance evolve as organizations reach maturity in their DevSecOps programs.

2021 Ontario Economic Report

Golfdale Consulting conducted 3 waves of surveys in the Fall of 2019 covering 134 local chambers of commerce/boards of trade. For the first time ever, the findings are captured in an interactive report that allows readers to see both overall results of the 2800+ businesses surveyed, along with regional, sector, and business size breakouts.

TrustArc Global Privacy Benchmarks Survey Report

In the center of the unforeseen COVID-19 storm, TrustArc set out to capture not only the challenges but also the opportunities that have arisen in the complex world of data protection and privacy. TrustArc commissioned Golfdale to conduct a first-ever Global Privacy Benchmarks Survey. The opinions of more than 1,500 senior executives, privacy office leaders, privacy team members, middle management, and full-time employees outside the privacy function were gathered in May 2020.