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TrustArc 2020 Global Privacy Benchmarks Whitepaper

To capture the challenges and the opportunities that have arisen in data protection and privacy, TrustArc inaugurated an annual Global Privacy Benchmarks Survey in 2020. A range of crucial stakeholder opinions were gathered. In total, more than 1,500 senior executives, privacy office leaders, privacy team members, middle management, and full-time employees outside the privacy function were surveyed.

TrustArc 2020 Global Privacy Benchmarks Whitepaper

The findings in this report captured:
● Decision-making and strategic approaches to data security and privacy
● Approaches to the most challenging elements of privacy management
● Preparedness to address privacy and security risks, including budgets
● CCPA compliance readiness and critical challenges
● Impact of COVID-19 on privacy
● Impact of adoption of new technologies on privacy

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