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TrustArc Global Privacy Benchmarks Survey Report

In the center of the unforeseen COVID-19 storm, TrustArc set out to capture not only the challenges but also the opportunities that have arisen in the complex world of data protection and privacy. TrustArc commissioned Golfdale to conduct a first-ever Global Privacy Benchmarks Survey. The opinions of more than 1,500 senior executives, privacy office leaders, privacy team members, middle management, and full-time employees outside the privacy function were gathered in May 2020.

TrustArc Global Privacy Benchmarks Report

The survey findings include benchmarking data on how companies are managing their privacy programs, how they are complying with privacy requirements, and how new technologies are impacting existing practices.

Key Takeaways:
  • 2020 Privacy Focus Areas: Top 3 key privacy initiatives are training employees, adjusting policies and new regulations
  • CCPA Readiness: Only 14% have completed their CCPA preparations while 29% are just starting planning
  • COVID-19 Impact on 3rd Party Risk Management: Over half of respondents (56%) indicated that COVID-19 has added a moderate or great deal of risk at their companies

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