Golfdale Consulting

Cybersecure Software Development: Management Views on AI

This research was commissioned by Security Compass and conducted by Golfdale Consulting, Inc. It explores the view of managers and executives overseeing cybersecurity and software development in large companies that build software. It explores their views on the use of AI in software development and as integrated components of their digital products.

Cybersecure Software Development: Management Views on AI

Topics of this research include the following:

  • priority for integrating AI models,
  • AI tools/frameworks used for software development,
  • risks associated with proprietary,
  • commercial and/or open source approaches,
  • its use across a spectrum of needs,
  • preventive testing,
  • AI assistance in secure coding best practices,
  • attitudes and best guesses as to its eventual impact,
  • new requirements governing its use, and
  • views on both internal policies and external upcoming regulations.

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