Golfdale Leadership Research ("GLR")

Golfdale Leadership Research (GLR) positions organizations as thought leaders in their respective fields by putting them front and center in key public conversations on topics related to their goals.

In the era of information overload, we understand the real challenge is not finding data—it is finding all the right data, making sense of it, and creating actionable insights to share through interactive stories.

Discover our three-step approach...


Hande Bilhan &
Gary Edwards, PhD


Issue & Trend Analysis

We place you in the center of critical public conversations

We leverage our integrated AI capabilities to comprehensively scan media, academic papers, industry forums, government and regulatory developments on hot topics in your industry

Primary Research

We turn important issues of the day into strategic research

We transform pressing issues in your industry into evidence-based inquiries and strategic communications to elevate your success.


Interactive Storytelling

We engage stakeholders with your data's full potential

Engages stakeholders through personalized interactive and immersive data narratives, making evidence-based communications your differentiator.


Research Study


/ one-time

Are you facing a critical issue where you need to make an impact?

Do you need to garner stakeholder interest for a new offer?

Do you want to engage in a high impact research project to elevate your goals?

1,000 responses

30 Questions

General Census Sample
starting at $4,750

GLR Subscriber


/ month

Are you interested in asserting ongoing leadership in your industry?

Do you need ongoing public feedback in a fast-moving environment?

Are you interested in staying on top of issues in the moment and as they emerge?

1,000 responses

10 Questions

General Census Sample
starting at $2,000

Includes up to 10,000 mailings, your contact database, competitive RFQs and field management.
Additional costs for specialized panels and census filters
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Global cybersecurity studies

Security Compass

Step 1. Trend Forecasting: We explored the cutting-edge intersection of AI and cyber secure software development.

Step 2. Primary Research: Rigorous scientific methodology translating the industry’s pressing challenges into a global study.

Step 3. Interactive Storytelling: We created accessible and actionable insights and delivered them through an interactive eBook.