Golfdale Consulting

Golfdale Consulting – Your Privacy is Our Priority

Golfdale’s privacy practices are simple: we do not ask for information unless we absolutely need it for the work we are doing for you. We delete any data once its use is complete.

We always conduct business in accordance with the most up to date privacy regulations wherever we work including Canada, the US and Europe. The only personal identifiable information we keep is your contact information if you provide it to us. Information you provide us will exclusively be used for the purpose you shared it with us.  Your information will never be shared with third parties for our commercial, marketing, sales or other purposes. Any third-party vendors we use that involve your data or data collected on your behalf will be disclosed to you along with their own privacy policy.  

Our privacy practices regarding our website ( are as follows: Our web servers collect and save default information routinely tracked by web servers. This includes the unique IP address, the date and time of your visit and the web pages visited. However, we do not use technical information (such as cookies) to identify visitors to our website. You can also disable your computer’s ability to receive cookies from any websites, including ours.

We always welcome your emails or phone calls.  You can email us at or call us at 1-416-900-1132.