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Ontario Chamber of Commerce – 2022 ONTARIO ECONOMIC REPORT – Interactive

Key Highlight: Business confidence increased in 2021 from a record low last year, amid progress on vaccinations and reopening. Overall, 29 percent of Ontario businesses are confident in Ontario’s economic outlook and 57 percent are confident in the outlook of their own organizations. More pessimism is observed in smaller businesses, those located in border regions, organizations led by women and people with disabilities, and businesses in the arts, entertainment, and agricultural sectors.

2022 ONTARIO ECONOMIC REPORT – Interactive ┃ March 2022

The sixth annual Ontario Economic Report (OER) offers unique insights into business perspectives across Ontario. The report is driven by data from our annual Business Confidence Survey (BCS) and economic forecasts for the year ahead. Although the timing of our survey did not allow us to capture reactions to the Omicron variant, our analysis of Ontario’s economic outlook is informed by the latest projections, including the impacts of Omicron. This year’s OER presents a clear picture of the unprecedented challenges many businesses continue to face as they navigate the pandemic and its economic impacts.

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