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Saving Lives and Limbs With Big Data

Every day of the year, workers lose their lives on the job, and many more suffer a catastrophic injury. Almost all are preventable.

Saving Lives and Limbs With Big Data

Saving Lives and Limbs with Big Data

In the white paper “Saving Lives and Limbs With Big Data,” Intelex Data Science Advisor Dr. Gary Edwards, challenges the traditional Safety Triangle as the ultimate guide to safety and explains their Data Science findings that have the potential for eliminating the most catastrophic incidences. He explores the power of leadership and the importance of tracking leading indicators in making significant strides in safety gains. Five Data Science considerations are offered to improve Health and Safety:

1. Measure and predict success, not just failure
2. Build statistical competence for improving safety
3. Go the extra mile, recording behavioral observations of near-misses, hazards, and unsafe behaviors
4. Lead from the top, empower from the bottom
5. Be transformational, adopting a Health and Safety maturity curve with transformational leadership as the key to success.

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