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TrustArc 2022 Global Privacy Benchmarks Report

The TrustArc Global Benchmark report provides a 360 view of how enterprises manage data protection and privacy. Feedback came from senior leadership inside the privacy office and privacy team members. We also comprehensively surveyed senior executives, middle management, and non-managerial full-time employees. For the 3rd year running, insights are provided on current privacy challenges and global privacy trends. 

TrustArc 2022 Global Privacy Benchmarks Report ┃June 1, 2022

TrustArc commissioned Golfdale Consulting to capture worldwide views on privacy trends, current and anticipated enterprise approaches, and challenges in data protection and privacy. In 2020, TrustArc inaugurated an annual Global Privacy Benchmarks Survey. Each year the report covers our Global Privacy Index, challenges and threats to privacy, relevant strategies and priorities, and current knowledge and practices. Additional deep dives in 2022 include privacy measurement and key performance indicators (KPIs), the resourcing of privacy teams, data discovery & scanning solutions, and knowledge of emerging privacy regulations worldwide.

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