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Thought Leadership and Advocacy for Exceptional Brands

Decades of experience in global market insights research and policy development. Primary and secondary research informs our creation of evidence-based White Papers, eBooks, Infographics and Dashboards. Golfdale combines in-depth research with advanced multivariate statistical analyses to create compelling data narratives that reinforce our clients’ Thought Authority positioning.

We work with senior executives to build out their analytics strategies. This hands-on work includes both Decision Sciences and Behavioral Economics practices. We utilize advanced data analytics modeling to decipher and build insights from operational behavioral data and from customer feedback. We then apply decades of experience in the application of data findings to our clients’ marketing, sales and public advocacy efforts.

From Scale-ups to Fortune 100 companies, Golfdale Principals work with senior executives on their business strategy. Our Principals are hands-on with the development and execution of public affairs planning, board planning, marketing and sales presentations, and public engagements. Our lobbying and regulatory advocacy strategies focus on evidence-based reform rooted in sound public policy.


200 +
surveys personally crafted and executed
1 M+
customer and employee experiences surveyed
4500 +
hours lobbied
150 +
advocacy and thought leadership narratives written


Hande Bilhan

Co-Founder and Principal

Gary Edwards, PhD

Co-Founder and Principal