April 2020

TrustArc Global Privacy Benchmarks 2020 – Interactive Findings

TrustArc commissioned Golfdale Consulting to conduct a 2020 Global Privacy Benchmarks Survey, spanning the US, Canada, UK, and Europe. The focus was large enterprises with annual revenues exceeding USD$500M. Viewpoints and ratings were gathered on items related to privacy across a spectrum of day to day privacy operations, leadership approaches, enterprise confidence, privacy culture, readiness and knowledge of current and impending regulations, and timely topics of both the global Pandemic and the impact of new technologies. We gathered multiple ratings on privacy as it relates to day-to-day operations, leadership, organizational approaches, and confidence among stakeholders. By obtaining 360-degree input from all levels within large enterprises, across the globe, our data findings revealed what measurable viewpoints most effectively inspire confidence in data privacy and security.

TrustArc 2020 Global Privacy Benchmarks Whitepaper

To capture the challenges and the opportunities that have arisen in data protection and privacy, TrustArc inaugurated an annual Global Privacy Benchmarks Survey in 2020. A range of crucial stakeholder opinions were gathered. In total, more than 1,500 senior executives, privacy office leaders, privacy team members, middle management, and full-time employees outside the privacy function were surveyed.